Join Our Security Community


We want you to speak directly to our engineering teams. We believe that the best way to improve our security products is by having no filter between you and the people that create them. That's why we need your participation in our security community.


As part of our community you can influence our products and get early access to changes by participating in private previews, giving feedback, requesting features, reviewing product roadmaps, joining conference call discussions, or attending in-person events. 


Join Us

To join our community, click here, and then click the join button and the heart icons of the groups your are interested in, as pictured below.




Additional Security Groups

Here's a list of other security-related groups you may want to join.


Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Graph Security API

Security, Privacy & Compliance

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection 


Find Us on LinkedIn 

We have a general discussion group on LinkedIn called the Microsoft Security Community, where I announce highlights from this site. Please join the group and feel free connect with me


Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

We periodically select customers to be part of our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). We form a close relationship with these organizations, inviting them to exclusive, in-person events and giving them access to non-public roadmaps and information. CAB members give in-depth feedback our on products and consequently exert a great deal of influence our plans, priorities, and designs. Part of our criteria for choosing CAB members is how active they are in this community. If you would like to be part of our CAB, join our community, participate heavily, and then reach out to me. 


If you are a member, you can find our private CAB group here. Note that in order to access this group, you will first have to join our public groups using the instructions above, and then contact us to be added to the private access list. 


Conference Calls

Several of our product teams hold regular conference calls where they preview forthcoming features, gather feedback, and host discussions. Many of these allow you to join private previews. Meeting invitations are posted on the product spaces within the communities. Contact me if you would like to join the calls and cannot find what you are looking for. 


Submit Feature Requests

In addition to engaging us in the ways listed above, you can also submit and vote on feature requests at


We hope to hear from you soon!

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Thank you, Security Community.
I will talk more with Microsoft.
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Что мне нужно сейчас сделать?

I would like to recommend to use MS Translator app for this purpose. ;)