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Want to help defend the world against cyber attacks? We want you to influence our designs, plans, and guidance so we can have a global impact together. That's why we need your participation in our security community. Please join our email list to be notified about the upcoming webinars, events, and other announcements.


Upcoming Webinars


FEB 15 Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence | Overview: Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence

Overview of Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, including all publicly available features.


FEB 16 Azure Network Security | Azure Firewall SKUs - Basic vs Standard vs Premium

In this exciting webinar, we shall look at the features, benefits and use cases for each Azure Firewall SKU. We shall look at the deployment options for each SKU and how organizations can leverage the Azure Firewall features to protect their Azure digital assets.


MAR 15 Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management (EASM) | Introduction to Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management

Introduction into how to gain comprehensive visibility and insights over external facing organizational assets and their digital footprint with Defender EASM.


MAR 16 Azure Network Security | Multi-cloud: Protecting GCP and AWS Applications with Azure WAF

This webinar will focus on multi-cloud protections using Azure Web Application Firewall. Join us to learn the features and protection capabilities of Azure Web Application Firewall and how they can be leveraged to protect application services running in third party cloud platforms; specifically on AWS and GCP.


MAR 23 Azure Network Security | How to tune your Azure WAF

In this webinar, we shall take a look at the Azure Web Application Firewall, and how you can efficiently and effectively tune its policy and rulesets. WAF tuning is important as it allows for tailoring WAF rules to the specific needs of the application or the organization using the WAF. This tuning leads to reduction in false positives, granular security for the application and faster time to identify and resolve issues. 


MAR 30 Azure Network Security | Azure DDoS Protection Integration with Microsoft Sentinel

DDoS attacks have become a common attack vector and are increasing in frequency as they target more publicly available resources. In this webinar, we shall take a look at how you can protect your critical Azure resources against DDoS attacks using Azure DDoS Protection, and how Azure DDoS Protection integrates with Microsoft Sentinel - cloud-native SIEM - to provide rich analytics, security intelligence and threat detection to identify and stop DDoS attacks.


APR 26 (9am) Microsoft Sentinel | What's New with Microsoft Sentinel - Bring Your Own Machine Learning

There have been many changes in Microsoft Sentinel's Bring Your Own Machine Learning (BYOML) feature. Join us as we explain those changes in greater detail!



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We have several customer connections programs for the private communities where you can sign-up for to make a difference in helping us shape our products together by reviewing our product roadmaps, co-design participation, feature previews and stay up to date on announcements.




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