Is there a way to force the security portal recommendations to update?

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Hi all,


I'm currently going through and either uninstalling or updating a large number of EOL software through the "Security recommendations" page on


Is there anyway I can force an update/sync from the computers once I've completed a recommendation so that my colleagues don't try fixing things that are already fixed?


For example, I just finished uninstalling an EOL program from 10 computers, but the portal still shows the program as being installed on these 10 computers, can I force this (either through endpoint or SCCM) to display real-time or up to date data?

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@Matthew Erb Unfortunately Microsoft do not advise the update intervals on the software inventory.


A post on the topic on this page seems to indicate it is every 4 hours but that is not confirmed:


Also note, if you check the Software Inventory section from a Device page it will show a Software Evidence section of the software being installed, such as the install or registry path, so it may be possible the software has not been fully removed hence why Defender for Endpoint still sees it as installed.


Finally,  you can use the Remediation Request feature in the Remediation Options for the security recommendation to assign the task to a team member and track it that way.