Is it possible to have AIP policy applied for Word Online created docs?

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I`ve checked on my tenant but cannot find so far option to have AIP for documents created using Word Online. 


Therefore, would like to know if any option?

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Office Online is currently not supported by AIP:


"...There are a few limitations with the current release, which include the following:

  • No labeling ability in the Office web apps (Office Online)..."

Understand it is not supported now. When it will be supported?

@Tomas KROTIL There is something similar on the roadmap that's worth looking out for later in the year:


 Office Online: Manual sensitivity labeling in Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Ability to manually apply Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels within the Office 365 versions of the Office Online apps - Word, PowerPoint and Excel.




This is also worth knowing about: Azure Information Protection unified labeling client, due at around the same time: