Is AIP correct product for discover file hoarding and clean up / lock down sensative documents

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Below is a typical situation I see time after time and want to know if there is a product and process in MS portfolio to improve it.

Imagine consultant type SMB organization hoarding documents for 10-15 years stashing into Windows shares and later finding too difficult to sort this pile, so migrating entire lot to SharePoint Online. On the SharePoint there is a minimal sorting by project name or customer name. But there is less structure with personal files. Some consultants could have filing system inside their mailbox or local drives, but OneDrive migration is going steady and info from the local drives to Personal One Drives


Is AIP right product to scan and classify the lot and tell how much "stuff" there is ranking by keywords like project name, customer name, year etc. Where I can read more about the whole journey of information management and retention for a digital artifacts? Is there a well-known "must read" book or blog on the subject? Just trying to understand this for myself.

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Retention Labels would probably be a good way to handle this.  You can apply these to your content, and then trigger disposition reviews at the end of the retention period that you set.


Take a look at this -