Intune App Protection in iOS - Receive data from other apps

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I am in process of deploying an APP for iOS devices. Following are the settings enabled for "Receive data from other apps" settings:

  • Receive data from other apps: Policy managed apps
  • Open data into Org documents: Block
  • Allow users to open data from selected services: All 4 selected. OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Camera, Photo Library.

My question is what is the purpose of OneDrive for Business & SharePoint here in the 'Allow users to open data from selected services'? We have already allowed receiving data from policy managed apps.


I am trying to demonstrate this and opening data from OneDrive for Business works with & without adding the OneDrive for Business option. There is no clear documentation about this. All we have is "Select the application storage services that users can open data from".





Can someone help me to understand this setting better? How can I test to ensure proper working?




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