Intune App Protection - Copy & Paste Issue

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Dear TechComm, 


We use the Intune cloud to manage serveral mobile devices.

We set the value of [Intune App Protection] - [policy settings] - restrict cut, copy and paste with other app to policy managed apps and target the policy to the outlook application (iOS).


Unfortunately the policy rules are not active since we are able to copy tekst from the "managed" Outlook app to the (e.g.) reminder native application. This should be restricted since we applied te policy. The testusers are member of the assignment groups ;).


Can anyone point us to the right direction?





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We are experiencing the same issue.  Did you ever get this resolved?

Hi Robbin,


Did you get an answer to this issue, i experience the same issue in my Azure/Intune environment




Do the test users have a license?
Are the users directly added to the security Group that the policy is applied to?
Keep in mind, there can be a delay for policy changes to be active.


We had the same issue trying to protect copy / past from managed application on IOS. We solved it, by create an application configuration Policy (IntuneMAMUPN) targeted to Outlook.