Insider Risk with HR Connector

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Hi All,

I currently have a trial E5 tenant which I’m trying to test Insider Risk capabilities with. I’m currently trying to test out the employee leaving function with the HR connector.

I’ve configured the Policy in insider risk and configured the HR connector.
I’ve created a csv file with a user that is fully licensed with an E5 and the import to the connector is successful.

However the user imported through the connector doesn’t appear in insider risk even after leaving for several days. I’ve also conducted tasks as the user to try and trigger the policy but nothing appears to be detected.

Has anyone else had any success with this? I’ve followed the MS docs articles but seems to be no other information on the web about this yet?
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@Gareth Warn Thanks for reporting this. I'm from the product team at Microsoft. Would love to connect with you to find out more about this. Please let me know if you're up for a chat on this in more detail.

Hi Rohit, Apologies for the delay in response. Yes more than happy to discuss this

@Gareth Warn Great. Please check your DM. Thanks.