Infrastructure actions in Microsoft Secure Score

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I'm curious on how the Infrastructure Secure Score feature in Azure Security Center relates to Microsoft Secure Score and how they can integrate.


In the Microsoft Secure Score documentation it says that the improvement action category "Infrastructure" is related to improvements on Azure resources. However there are no actual actions in this category and there are nothing in the documentation on how to connect Azure Security Center to Microsoft Secure Score.


In Azure Security Center I can see improvement actions but I can't find any setting to enable any kind of sync to Microsoft Secure Score.


Does anyone know what the plan is here? Will Azure Security Center eventually sync improvement actions with Microsoft Secure Score or was this just the initial plan that never happened?

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@Daniel Chronlund Thanks for reaching out.

The Azure Security Center Secure score will be integrated and will be represented in Microsoft Secure score Infrastructure pillar, we are currently working on this integration , this will be available in the upcoming months.