Information Protection - Auto-labeling Client/Service based on document metadata fields

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Hi All,


I've had a look around but haven't found anything too similar.


Using a custom information type I can pick up a string in a document's meta-data e.g. the template value or a custom entry I add to a document. Testing the SIT after configuration, it works as expected.


I've noticed that by adding in this SIT into my policies for client-side auto-labelling or service-based automated labelling the label isn't applied as expected. If I add the value into the document, it triggers as expected.


Curious to see if anyone else has given this ago? 


I expect a trainable classifier will work, however looking to see if this is a workaround for the moment. I'm guessing people may be using this when porting over other systems that might be writing meta-data into the documents. 



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