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Apr 13 2023, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)
Microsoft Tech Community
Published on Mar 27 2023 09:44 AM (PDT) by Heather Poulsen Community Manager
Edited on Apr 14 2023 06:54 AM (PDT)

In today’s modern workplace, massive amounts of data are created, stored and shared daily — and the total volume grows exponentially every year! Join this session to learn how to seamlessly scale up classification, labeling and protection of your most sensitive data in a holistic end-to-end way. You’ll learn about how to best use auto-labeling, default-site labeling, and configure DLP and IRM policies to include our latest machine-learning based trainable classifiers, context-based classifiers, OCR, and more. See how our information protection platform capabilities and real-time auto-classification integration with Microsoft 365 apps and services can comprehensively protect your most sensitive data and corporate IP, that isn’t possible with other solutions.

This session is part of the Microsoft Secure Tech Accelerator. RSVP for event reminders, add it to your calendar, and post your questions and comments below! This session will also be recorded and available on demand shortly after conclusion of the live event.


Speakers :