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Ok, my ex was messing with my phone (he came to pick the children up and he was in the bathroom for over half a hour before he came out,  then soon after the following is happening).. anyhow,  I've found and then forgot how I did it, many times,  hidden apps, I constantly get emails stating this app has been connected to my account and some bixby thing has full access,  even an hour ago I've had another two! How do I find these links ? Some emails even said my account is linked to another account! Changing passwords has done nothing I'm losing my mind! :loudly_crying_face:

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Hi this is not a good solution but sometimes deleting your account and creating a new profile will remove access,
But this can then cause a lot of problems, so this is the last resort, it is best to create a new user profile, let the old one remain as an additional one.


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