I added OWASP Zap, White Source Bolt and SSL Labs into my Azure DevOps Pipeline!


I added OWASP Zap for DAST in my Azure DevOps Pipeline!



White Source Bolt and SSL Labs:


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Hi @llama1800, the videos may have been deleted or made private.

  • The first is "OWASP DevSlop E12.1 - Adding Zap to the Azure DevOps Pipeline. Tanya shows how she added Zap to the pipeline using an agent on a virtual machine." Uploaded 2018-11-19.
  • The second I don't have any information.


Both belong to the  SheHacksPurple Youtube channel and they have the following video "OWASP DevSlop: Azure Cloud Native Security Workshop (Jun 20, 2019)" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lm63Uh-4fc