How will the Merge of AIP Classification and Labels impact on SharePoint Document library settings

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At Ignite, it was announced that the Labels in Office 365 security and protection centre and the Azure Information Protection Classificaitons will become the same set across the products.

I was wondering how this impacts the configuration in SharePoint as adding the labels to a document library required changing the document library settings to show the label which added a new column.  Is this still the case with the new merged classification and labels?

In the past, we added a new column to the document library "Sensitivity" to match the name in Azure Information protection, this then displayed the document property in the library.  Based on this, we could then create DLP rules on the column.  I am assuming this column won't be needed anymore if this is handled by the applying the label settings, if this is the case, should the DLP rules now use the label column?

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