How to disable azure information protection labels inside Permission in older Outlook client version

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Hi All,


Is there a way to disable AIP label toolbar in outlook client?

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2 Replies have to follow bellow steps:
(1) In the backstage, click on Options
(2) In the Options Window, click on Add-ins
(3) Click the "Go" button near the Manage Combo
(4) Look for the AIP Add-in and just simply uncheck and you should be done

Yes you are correct.  We can disable the AIP toolbar by unchecking the AIP Add-in.  But this is only applicable for Outlook client higher version than Version 1805, build 9330.2078.  AIP toolbar is only available from this version onward. 


Sorry I forgot to mention the outlook client version I have.  I am using the older version which is Ver 1803, build 9126.2295.   Outlook client versions which are older than the minimum version, the AIP toolbar is not available.  We can only find the AIP labels inside Permission in options.  And in this version i have,  Microsoft Azure Information Protection Add-in is not enabled.  See attachment screenshot. 





I will rephrase my statement, I actually wanted to disable this AIP labels which are inside this "Permission" options.  


Thank you.