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I'm new on this community, but already experienced with Microsoft and DLP technologies

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Hi @majkks790 - good to know you've experienced our products. Any questions/feedback?

Hi @Ruchi_Chopra,

I've over 1,5 year experience with MS o365 DLP, now starting testing of Endpoint DLP part too. I'm in Global Service Architect for DLP services and also Endpoint Protection Consultant in Atos Company.

In fact I have few points which I wanted to address:
1. Endpoint DLP:
- If there is chance to receive any official short and long term road map? It will help to build and plan MSP services & strategies around eDLP from MS.
- If there any plans to cover visibility from different browsers?
- If there any plans to cover MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) via eDLP?

2. O365 DLP:
- lack of support of Sensitive Labels (AIP/MIP labels) in rule syntax
- lack of support of DocProp criteria for MS Teams rules
- lack of AAD integration for easy policy deployment/assignment
- lack of valuable and configurable reporting as main value for MSP

I'm open for future discussion. Thanks in advance for responses.


Regarding Endpoint DLP - cross-platform and cross-browser support are on our roadmap, as is Bluetooth. USB egress is already supported. Would love to know which browsers your customers are interested in. Also, can you clarify the scenario you meant by Mobile Transfer Protocol? 


For Office 365 DLP -

1. Support for labels as a condition is already in private preview and we'll be launching public preview soon. If you'd like to join the private preview, click on https://aka.ms/mipc/DLPlabels-preview

2. Teams DLP protects chat messages, and documents within Teams are protected by SharePoint/OneDrive policies which do support Document Properties. 

3. We already use AAD identities and groups for policy scoping. Could you clarify your ask?

4. Would love to hear your reporting use cases.