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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Hacker hunting and built-in protections with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation for customers to host their infrastructure and applications that spans across physical, infrastructure, and operational security. Part of our operational security includes over 3,500 cybersecurity experts across different teams that are dedicated to security research and development. The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center is just one of the teams at Microsoft that encounters and mitigates against threats across the security landscape.


On today’s episode of Microsoft Mechanics, you’ll see how the work of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center is helping to secure Azure and the global security landscape. This team works to identify issues such as peer to peer networking software, standard botnet and ransomware attacks, and adversary-based threats from hackers or nation state sponsored groups. In addition to seeing how the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center mitigates attacks targeting the Azure platform, you’ll learn how that intelligence is fed back into our services and how you can strengthen your organizational security using these tools.



Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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