Guidance on which records management tech to use

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So currently in Office 365 we have the following functionality in the area of records management/compliance:-


1) Security and compliance centre. Apply labels manually or automatically to apply retention policies. Apply global retention policies. At some point new functionality arriving with MIP.


2) Records center in SharePoint, create rules to automatically route content into the records centre


3) In-place records in SharePoint. Mark a document as a record. Prevents changing of the document.


Now I can see that the common sense view is to plan to use the Office 365 functionality - number (1) as it covers content across Office 365. But the SharePoint based Information mgmt policies / in-place records stuff is still there and more powerful in some ways.


Is there an official statement anywhere that suggests people should not be going ahead and using that any more? It is confusing to end users right now. I can define labels to mark content as a record, I can also mark a document in SharePoint as a record via the in-place records functionality and both are displayed in the same interface!! (modern document library view, context menu on a file -> More -> Compliance details -> popup shows Label status and In Place Records Management status)




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