Guest access to Purview

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how can a guest user who has been assigned to the compliance admin role, get access to the Purview portal? we can access the M365 Defender portal by putting the tenant ID in the url, but this does not work for Compliance/Purview

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Hi Dean, What happens when the guest user goes to this URL: and the guest logs-in? Do they get an error message?
No, they get redirected to their home tenant

@Dean Gross Just to clarify, you've tried and it's not working?

@RyanSteele-CoV that’s correct 

@Dean Gross @RyanSteele-CoV I see the same issue, any other thoughts by chance?

@JXG2300 Well, you could open a service request with Microsoft 365 Support. However, based on my past experience, I would expect this to go as follows:


  • A technician finally reaches out to you after a week or two
  • They insist on calling you even if you chose the option to communicate via email
  • You are required to provide screenshots, Fiddler traces, etc. demonstrating the issue
  • They claim they will provide all this to senior technicians
  • After another week or two, they come back and tell you just to create a standard account for this guest user in your tenant. Since their "Scope of Work" always includes a provision that they will consider the issue to be resolved if they provide you with a workaround, this will be as far as it goes.

Honestly, if you value your time and sanity, I would suggest giving up now and just create a standard account for the user.