Great Post on the "Intune Blog" about Access Control
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 12, 2016
If you haven’t already read it, check out this new post from the Intune team entitled, “ The evolution of access control: from VPN to identity-based anywhere access .” It’s written by one of the PM’s on my team, Paul Mayfield, and it is a really helpful examination of how our approach to access control has evolved from the early days when we just locked laptops inside of desks at night, to our current cloud-centric IT reality.  This overview is a great way to understand how to take your existing setup and begin planning and building for the future. From the post:
Now, we are in an era of mobile access where increasing amounts of corporate data lives outside of the network perimeter. Data still lives on corporate networks, but it’s also in cloud services, on mobile devices, and in mobile apps. Perhaps one day you won’t have any corporate data left on-premises, but the moment you start adopting cloud services you need to rethink the way access is controlled and data is protected.   In the mobile-first, cloud-first world, a fundamentally different approach was needed, so we built access control and data protection directly into mobile devices, mobile apps, and the cloud infrastructure itself. In this world your network perimeter is replaced by an “identity perimeter.”   That’s what we’ve built with Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, as a supplement to the classic VPN provisioning mechanisms all EMM providers have for on-premises apps. EMS delivers integrated identity, access control, management, and data protection – built to protect your corporate data wherever it lives.
The rest of the post is a great look at how EMS addresses the challenges posed by the modern IT landscape, specifically Conditional Access, data-loss prevention with Intune MAM, and how the Office 365 + EMS combination provides the best possible mobile security. Definitely set aside the time to read it – here .
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