Granting access to ediscovery cases for guest users

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We are attempting to provide access to a core ediscovery case so that our attorney may run searches against the case. We have added the guest user as an ediscovery administrator as well as a member of the particular case. When the guest user attempts to access the case, they are unauthorized (see error below). If we run through the same procedure for a licensed user, they are able to access the case and run searches. Does anyone know if it is possible to provide guest users access to run searches against an ediscovery case?


"Looks like you don't have the right permissions to view this page or this feature isn't part of your organization's Microsoft 365 subscription. To get access, contact the person who assigns permissions or makes purchasing decisions. If you're a new user or were recently assigned permissions, try again in 15 minutes."

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Guest users are not supported, afaik. Export the results and share the file(s) with him, or create a regular user account.

I agree with @Vasil Michev, I don't think guest accounts can access Security Center or Compliance Center, or any of M365 admin portals. 

Is this still true? Do you know if this is on the O365 Road Map? It seems like a giant oversight to not allow "guest" users access to the Security Center, Compliance Center, and now the Compliance Manager. The whole point would be to allow an auditor access to your assessment in the Compliance Manager so that they can see the current state of compliance with a framework.