Global Admin Rules


I was using Secure Score today and noticed a couple of incomplete actions where it was talking about Global admins and it told me that I have 0 Global admins.


In my Admin portal it has already 3 global admins assigned, so not sure how its calculating that as incomplete.

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I am seeing something similar.  For 'Designate more than one global admin' it says 'We found that you have 0 admins designated' when I actually have 2 global admins already.  Bug?

This is still a problem. I have two global admins and only one is detected.


It appears Secure Score does not count an unlicensed admin as an admin, which is a red herring.

Sometimes if global admin accounts were not originally set up as global admins, errors can occur where some settings may not be correct. Could be a possibility it can cause this type of issue too.