Global Admin not in Organization Management

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We synched a few test accounts from our onsite AD and made one of them a global admin. That account can't see some features in the Security & Compliance center unless they're added to Organization Management. My understanding is that members of global admin are in Organization Management by default. Is there something I'm missing?


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There's a difference between Role Groups in Exchange and the SCC ones. The Global Admins are indeed added to Organizational Management for EAC as part of the TenantAdmins_XXXXX group:


Get-RoleGroupMember "Organization Management"

Name               RecipientType
----               -------------
TenantAdmins_c25d1 Group

This it not true for the SCC role group:


Get-RoleGroupMember OrganizationManagement

Name         RecipientType
----         -------------
Vasil Michev MailUser

So yeah, you have to add them manually.