Get a report about people using other version of outlook when connecting to exchange 365

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Hi all,

We want to know how many people are trying to access Exchange 365 from other version of outlook, excluding Microsoft 365 version.

I tried checking Microsoft reports but they don't give that information on a per user basis. I found the RPC report but that is not enough. Is there a way to create a report , alert or a daily summary about users using other versions of outlook?

Hope the question is understandable.


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If you want information about specific Outlook versions, your best best is to use the mailbox audit logs/Unified audit log.
Thanks Vasil, Here is what I ended up doing with PS based on your suggestion:
Search-UnifiedAuditLog -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-8) -EndDate (get-date) -Operations Create -RecordType ExchangeItem -FreeText "OUTLOOK.EXE" -ResultSize 5000 | foreach {$_.AuditData | ConvertFrom-Json} | ? ClientVersion -notlike "16.0.13*" | select UserId,ClientIP,ClientVersion