GDPR Retention Label Removal

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We need to migrate a tenant to a new tenant. GDPR Labels have been running in OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange.

If we migrate by using a program such as Move in O365 must the GDPR Label be switched off?

I it must be switched off - How long before we migrate?

I believe that all stored documents are now encrypted in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Any interference to be expected in Teams?



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Yes any document you migrate to the new tenant should first be decrypted otherwise disruption will occur when accessing that content in the future.

For example:
- when the user's identity is migrated from the source tenant to the target tenant, for example, the UPN suffix ( then the users won't be able to authenticate to open the AIP encrypted data
- if the source tenant is ever decommissioned then the AIP content will be unreadable.
- Probably several other scenarios too numerous to mention.

The Auto-Label policy doesn't have any setting of automatically removing encryption from all documents that it has applied to. This means if a user has downloaded a document to their local hard drive then you won't be able to decrypt that document.