Firstline (F1) Security & Compliance


Can somebody point me to an article or resource that walks through what is/is not covered for firstline (F1) workers through the Security & Compliance Center.  I was reviewing the service descriptions and had some confusion around a few things - in particular, it says "No" for Data Loss Prevention.  Does that mean that F1 user content (OneDrive for Business, Exchange, etc.) is NOT going to be triggered in DLP policies?  Or just that the F1 users cannot create DLP policies in the S&C center?  Similar question for litigation holds and retention/deletion policies.  Below is a link to the service description page:

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Creation/administration of these features does not require any specific license, even unlicensed accounts can do so (provided they have the necessary permissions). What's detailed in the service description documents is the "applicability" of the feature.

Thanks for the response, Vasil.  My main question is "Will content in a F1 user's OneDrive be flagged if it matches a DLP policy?"  Or "Can you protect sensitive data (through DLP policies) that is created and/or shared by an F1 user?".

The official statement is that DLP requires E3 or equivalent license. Then again, Microsoft is often not enforcing licensing requirements in the code...