Find all externally shared files and folders


I am trying to list all externally shared files and folders from a specific SharePoint site, regardless of sensitivity. Basically, everything that is shared outside of the organisation.


I tried the audit log, but it shows only recent history and matching share and unshare/delete events is cumbersome. eDiscovery seems very slow and I cannot make an alert out of it.


At last, I tried to create a DLP policy, which looked good because I could set up alerting, but then I had to select "Sensitive info types". I do not want to filter on sensitive info, I need all files and folders.


Is it possible to just list all externally shared files and folders with the help of Microsoft Compliance?

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@Kiril Valev


If you have MCAS (E5) and it is enabled and file monitoring is setup then you can see the info and take governance actions as well.

Yes, that's perfect!

Is there something similar for all SharePoint sites?