Filter for all actions on a certain Team

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Hi everyone,

i am confused - i want to search a certain Team for user actions. This should be a normal task to complete. But neither the guid nor the Team name nor the MailNickname will get me the results.

What am i doing wrong here?

All docs/videos/blogs i find - filter on the Teams actions from a certain user. Also a valid use case - but the (i think normal one) use case would be - to filter on a Teams. 


Can anyone help me out?


Thanks in advance

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@StephanGee Hi, happy to help.


What tool do you use, and what are you looking for? Can you provide some context? 


For example my boss says: "In our team was a channel deleted/other teams setting changed in the last month - can you find out who did that and when?"


Normally i would expect that i can search:

In this Team

Last month

This action


But at the moment i only can search

Last month

This action


I use the Audit Tool from the M365 compliance center.

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@StephanGee ah, I see. That's not possible with the Audit tool. You can use either MCAS (see screenshot) for that or Log Analytics, using KQL. 



Great. Thanks. I will try that