FIDO2 Key - Error add a new way to sign in or verify

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Hi all! I have a problem adding a sing-in method in the section - microsoft account - "Security" - "Add a new way to sign in or verify". When adding the "Use a security key" method, I connect FIDO2 ePass A4B, but at the last stage an error occurs.

ERROR: "We couldn't verify your identity or you are using private mode. Please ensure you are not in a private browsing window and please try again."

The error appears in all browsers, on different computers with different Internet connections.
The error does not contain a detailed description of why it happens, please help me understand why this can happen?


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Did you manage to get this to work? @AlexPosylkin 

Did anyone manage to work?

@UdeshTamang I apologize for such a long reply. I put this problem aside and did not deal with it anymore. I use third party software for FIDO.