Failed Downloading Information Protection Policy

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We have configured Sensitivity Labels in Office 365 Security and published the Classification Labels. We have installed Azure AIP Unified Labelling client on Desktop. We are unable to see the labels in our Office Apps. We are getting error ' Failed Downloading Information Protection Policy'FailedAIP.jpg

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Do you have the appropriate licensing for auto labelling?  IE, AIP Premium P2, or M365 E5?

@PeterRising  We are having the license "Azure Information Protection Premium P1"



Ah, this is why auto labelling will not work then.  P2 is needed for auto labelling

@PeterRising Ok Peter, Auto-Labeling will not work but we should be able to see the labels, right??



Correct yes, I'm currently puzzled why you don't see the labels.  This is really odd.  If you have not done so already, it may be worth opening a support ticket with Microsoft.

@PeterRising Hi Peter, thanks for the help. 

@Shreya_sinha Auto Labelling is different. The issue here is even manual labelling is not working. When an Office App is opened the configured labels are not visible under Sensitivity Button. 



Did you not get anywhere with MS support on this?

@PeterRising & @dipendas1979  I got a solution for this, it was a simple step. After installing AIP client for the first time we need to run all office application as administrator and we will be able to see labels. :)




Try uninstall your AIP UL client. Once uninstalled, open your office apps. and check if labels are populated or not. If you see labels, then AIP UL client is the problem. I fixed similar issue by this method. You can install latest UL client once issue is fixed in native client.

Hi all,

I encountered the same error when deploying in the corporate environment (It worked well in a environment without firewall):


The error said that:


"Event.ErrorType: [NetworkError], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.File: [src\core\api_impl\http\http_director_impl.cpp], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Func: [mipns::HttpTelemetryHelper::NotifyOperationComplete], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Line: [312], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Message: [No HTTP response. Failed with: [NetworkError: 'SSL failure Inner exception: [http_exception: 'WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12175: A security error occurred'], NetworkError.Category=SSL, HttpRequest.SanitizedUrl=, HttpRequest.Id={79181A37-C29C-4402-97B6-F9DF866A1093}']], Pii: [None]"


Tried to contact the sysadmin guy and asked him to configure the firewall in accordance with the relevant Microsoft guide, but the problem still persists.


Hope that you guys can help me. 

Thank your for anyone interested in my reply. It's the matter of the certificate problem with the url "". Fortunately, it has been successfully resolved. For details of the relevant log, see "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSIP\mip\WINWORD.EXE\mip\logs\mip_sdk.miplog". 

@dipendas1979 I have had the same issue and I have raised this with MS support and with the AIP team without any resolution.


It is is a waiting game, I have to wait anywhere between 2 and 5 days for the policies to download correctly.



If the problem still exists 

You need first of all activate the Unified Labeling first from Azure Information Protection from Manage menu option and then migrate the policies it should work afterwards 

follow this guide

to activate and migrate to Unified Labeling 

@2hawk7 This solution worked for me. Thanks!

I have downloaded the Unified Version and added sensitivity labels, policies and even downloaded that UAIP in domain joined machine but still I am getting the same error.


The sensitivity tab is added.


but not able to see the labels and I have exported the logs from word app, I am getting this ""Send Telemetry event. Event name: [load_policy_failed]"[Outlook] and "ErrorCode: failed_to_acquire_token_silently"[Word]      

Hi guys.

What’s the fix please ? I have been troubleshooting for weeks and not being able to get labels to work. I have subscription and setting already configured as per suggestion in this thread.

@Shreya_sinha said run app with admin, which I tried. Didn’t work.

@Nam-Tran said certificate issue. Not sure what exactly is the fix apart from asking to look in log in app data.

Not having much luck after exhausted all methods.


My experience with the latest unified labelling client has been much better - what version are you using.. If you look at the version history, this specific problem has been patched in


@LPwin, I reported this problem to the network admin, and he fixed that. You can make a simple check by checking it from the external network. It should show correctly. If that is the case, SSL decrypt is the reason behind that.


I’m using latest and greatest unified agent.