Failed Downloading Information Protection Policy - Firewall error

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Hi all,

I encountered the same error when deploying in the corporate environment (It worked well in a environment without firewall):


The error said that:


"Event.ErrorType: [NetworkError], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.File: [src\core\api_impl\http\http_director_impl.cpp], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Func: [mipns::HttpTelemetryHelper::NotifyOperationComplete], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Line: [312], Pii: [None]
Event.Failed.Message: [No HTTP response. Failed with: [NetworkError: 'SSL failure Inner exception: [http_exception: 'WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12175: A security error occurred'], NetworkError.Category=SSL, HttpRequest.SanitizedUrl=, HttpRequest.Id={79181A37-C29C-4402-97B6-F9DF866A1093}']], Pii: [None]"


Tried to contact the sysadmin guy and asked him to configure the firewall in accordance with the relevant Microsoft guide, but the problem still persists. 


Hope that you guys can help me. A detailed guide on the firewall configuration is expected because the error now is narrowed down to this matter only. 

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Thank your for anyone interested in this topic. It's the matter of the certificate problem with the url "". Fortunately, it has been successfully resolved. For details of the relevant log, see "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSIP\mip\WINWORD.EXE\mip\logs\mip_sdk.miplog"