Fail to inherit email label from attachment label

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Hello fellows,


I'm trying to test AIP's new capabilities, Label Inheritance from Email attachments.

This function is simply, if label of attachment's priority is higher than label in Email, file attachment's label inherited on the Email.


REF : Manage sensitivity labels in Office apps - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Learn



So In the Label policy, I set red label for email, and blue label for files, and configure the setting for Label inheritance from email attachment. 

Additionally, I also set outlook pc versions as requirement version.


REF : Minimum versions for sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 Apps - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Mic...



But it doesn't work.. Could you kindly suggest me any advise I have to check?


Thank you so much.




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Are you still having issues with this? If so, I have a couple of follow up questions that can help narrow down what the issue could be.

How was the original label on the email applied? Did you manually select it or was it applied automatically by the system?

Are you attaching the physical copy of the file or is a link to a file stored in SharePoint or OneDrive?

Is the label on the file using double key encryption or configured as "user-defined" encryption?

Are you running the AIP Unified Labeling client plug-in or using the built-in unified labeling capability in your office applications?
According to my search results, AIP's new capabilities include Label Inheritance from Email attachments. If you have AIP UL Add-on label inheritance label policy setup already, and start using Outlook Native labeling, you will see the email get attachment label automatically or recommend you use attachments’ label¹. However, if you have not enabled any label policy for email, get label from attachment, then nothing will show up. When you label an email message that has attachments, those attachments do not inherit the same label. The attachments remain either without a label or retain a separately applied label. However, if the label for the email applies protection, that protection is applied to Office attachments. When the email is sent, the attachment automatically inherits the encryption but not the label⁵. When a recipient in the same tenant opens the encrypted document, a matching label for the admin-defined permissions is automatically displayed for the document and persists if the document is saved I hope this helps you become Unbeatable
I'm seeing also a similar failure:
- For attachments that is Office documents (e.g. docx, xlsx) - this feature works: Outlook is able to apply the same labels on the email
- BUT if the attachment is non-Office documents (e.g. PDF, JPG) - Built-in Labelling is unable to detect the attachment labels
- With the AIP UL add-in, the detection of label with non-Office attachments works

Is this intentional, to cut the support non-office filetypes? Or will this be implemented in the future?

Note: These non-Office docs are listed as supported for classification (for AIP client):
Hi Mike, I am facing similar problem (practicing in my demo tenant).
# Not selecting any label manually for email, trying to attach excel file with a label applied.
# Using Web outlook
# No encryption configured and not using any plug in.
Hello , did you open a ticket to Microsoft on this issue ? Do you have an answer ...I agree that no communication was made on this problem when Microsoft switched from Aip external Add-in to Aip Office built in client ....:-(