Extract Compliance Data and reports via Microsoft Graph or any other tool


We have been using reports and dashboards in Microsoft Compliance Center. The big issue on those is that the data is only available and limited for 30 days.


We need to pull audit/compliance data such as those we have in https://compliance.microsoft.com/:

a. Microsoft Purview --> Reports: Retention Label Usage, Sensitivity Label Usage, Retention Label Changes, Label trends over the past X days, DLP Policy Matches, DLP Incidents, DLP false positives and overrides,


b. those we have in Microsoft Purview --> Reports --> Activity Explorer but for more than 30 days, for any date range we wish to pull the data for and have a report.


I would like to know if with Microsoft Graph we can pulling this information via Graph or any other tool, and then feed it into some PowerBi Dashboard.


Any help or directions if you ever had such experience, solution is appreciated.

Ali Fadavinia

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