Excluding a team from retention policy

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We have included everything in retention policies, i.e. Groups, SharePoint, Exchange and Team channel messages and Teams chats. Now I want to exclude a team in order to delete it entirely, including the associated SPO site. Where do I then have to add exceptions? Do I need to explicitly exclude the group, the site, the channel messages and the chat or is it sufficient to only exclude the group?

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Hi Jakob,

AFAIK, can't you set exceptions in the policy via the Office 365 Admin Centre? You would need to amend the policy to set the exclusion. I imagine this would need to be for the Team, the SPO Site and the Office 365 Groups because of the different types of data associated with that Team

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

Deleting the Team doesn't delete the associated SPO site anyway, so you have to do that part manually. But yes, if you don't want anything to be stored after the deletion (in "inactive" state), add exclusions across the board. 

Fine, in theory it should be deleted :) But in practice the process fails quite often. In my tenant, out of 25 sites with the Group#0 template, I have 10 orphaned ones, remaining after the deletion of the underlying group/team. 

Thank you for you answers. I deleted the team and the site was eventually deleted automatically. It just took some time.

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Let me clarify what I have found out:


I made an exception in the retention policy, excluding the Office 365 group in question. That allowed me to delete the team and this in turn resulted in the site and the groups also was deleted. It might take a while though and sometimes it might also fail, I guess.