Excluding a SharePoint site from retention policy that applies to 'All' sites

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We have a retention policy that applies globally to 'All' SharePoint sites. Is it possible to exclude a specific site from such policy. When we try that in admin portal and add a site to exclusion list, the inclusion list automatically changes from 'All' to a dash '-'. Does it mean the policy now no longer apply to all sites and we need to manually apply to each site by adding them to 'inclusion' list.



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No, it simply mean that you have excluded the given site. The dash symbolizes that you have configured some inclusions/exclusions.

@Vasil Michev Thx Vasil. in adition of this question.


We have a retention policy (3 years) that applies globally to 'All' SharePoint sites. Fot 1 "ICTTeam" SharePoint site i want a different policy (30days). Is this the right way to do that:


1. Exclude "ICTTeam" from the default 3 years policy

2. make a new retention policy with only the ICTTeam in it


i'm a rigt?