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Error loading Security Scorecard

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I check on a weekly basis for my security scorecard, and This past Monday (11/09/20) I got an error loading it.

I tried different web browsers same message. I waited a few days still the same thing. I was curious if anyone else is having an issue.


Here is the diagnostic information
Request: /apiproxy/m365securescore/security/secureScoresV2?$top=200
Status code: 500
Exception: InternalServerError
Diagnostic information: {Version:17.00.5628.006,Environment:EUSPROD,DeploymentId:d2288b27111b4d5798d1312be6ea37df,InstanceId:WebRole_IN_3,SID:060b8b9b-cdb4-4c92-9bd0-5876f9a30031,CID:3f86e23d-f2a9-4818-aae3-a4bf8485691a}, {Version:,Environment:prod,DeploymentId:cd303b8bd3734723b80ca1cd5a09a96d,InstanceId:SecureScoreWebRole_IN_0,SID:f7fd880e-04ef-4cbd-8652-fead5057043e,CID:3f86e23d-f2a9-4818-aae3-a4bf8485691a}
Time: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 15:46:15 GMT

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Best open a support case.

@Voyager_1700 I have been getting this message for the last few days as well.  Tried different browsers, etc. to no avail.

MS must be having issues.

@VasilMichev Vasil, if you are part of MS, can you escalate?

Getting same error on multiple tenants. One is a trial.

Opened ticket with MSFT. Provided them trial tenant credentials, they were able to reproduce the error.

But, now they want me to capture network packets.

Will report back.

I guess it was a Microsoft issue.. It seems to have resolved itself..