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Enterprise Mobility Successes
Published Sep 08 2018 05:48 AM 536 Views
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jan 22, 2015
Over the last couple weeks there have been a handful of new stories published (see links below) about how customers are using SCCM, Intune, and AD/AAD: As I was reading through these stories, there were a couple of things that were consistent across all three that I wanted to point out:
  1. Convergence of PC management and mobile management . We have always had the point-of-view that, in most organizations, a single team would be responsible for both PC and mobile management – with a single team overseeing and being responsible for enabling users across all these devices. In most organizations, it is the PC management of the SCCM team that is expanding its charter to include Enterprise Mobility Management. The November and December updates to Intune catapulted us ahead of the competitive EMM vendors in many areas, and in other areas caught us up. These technological breakthroughs, coupled with the 20+ years of investment we’ve made in SCCM, means that the combination of SCCM and Intune is the most complete solution for managing PCs and mobile devices from a single place.
  2. The move to user Services (SaaS) is accelerating. The move to services is accelerating. I usually meet with 5-10 customers a week, and, in these discussions, I am seeing a significant turn towards services. Notice in the three examples below that you have healthcare and government organizations using Microsoft services like Office 365 and EMS. These are two of the most heavily regulated and security-conscious segments no matter where in the world they’re operating – and they are both moving to use Microsoft services.
  3. Importance of Identity in Enterprise Mobility . As you read these three case studies, notice just how foundational identity is in their Enterprise Mobility strategies. This is something that we have been stressing for a couple of years, and we have by far (by a long, long ways) the best identity management solution in the market.  Having the best identity solution makes sense considering this is the home of the same engineers that build AD and AAD.
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