Enterprise Mobility – what does it really mean?
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jun, 25 2014
Over here in the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility team, we recently surveyed some IT Pros with a short poll.  We asked them what the term “Enterprise Mobility” meant to them.  We received almost as many different descriptions as we did responses.  For some, it was about managing mobile devices.  For others it incorporated identity.  Others considered apps to support a mobile workforce played a key part in an enterprise mobility solution. In fact, we think they’re all correct. We believe an enterprise mobility strategy needs to cover all these requirements.   It starts with a user identity that spans on-premises and cloud.  It needs to incorporate solid device management – and not just mobile devices, but PCs too.  It has to give users access to apps when and where they need them.  But ultimately, a strong enterprise mobility strategy needs to ensure that data is protected. Of course, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.  Back to our IT Pros and their different starting points for enterprise mobility.   Wherever you choose to start, your solution needs to enable your end users to be productive across all their devices and apps.  But it also needs to make sure that data isn’t falling into the wrong hands.  You can select individual solutions to solve individual parts of the enterprise mobility equation.  Or, (and you know where I’m going with this) you can take a unified approach that allows you to build your solution holistically.  Guess which one we advocate? We do want to be all things to all men.  And we’re proud of it!  We want every IT Pro to be a Master of Mobile Awesome . Take a look back at the topics we’ve covered in the past few weeks: Getting Serious About Enterprise Mobility – the intro to our series, announcing our exciting RemoteApp technology and including the Intune Roadmap Hybrid Identity - describing how IT pros can create consistent user identity both in the cloud and on-premises Mobile Device Management – looking at managing heterogeneous devices, on premises and in the cloud Desktop Virtualization – useful information for planning, deploying and managing a desktop virtualization solution Access & Information Protection – insights into tools to help you keep your data protected We hope there’s plenty of food for thought.  And there’s more to come…so stay tuned over the next weeks and months to keep up with the latest information around our solutions for empowering your enterprise mobility.  But if you really can’t wait for more to come, take a look at our Empowering Enterprise Mobility pages – you can even test drive some of the technologies we’ve highlighted through our trials for Intune and Azure RMS .
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