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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Encrypt Button by Do Not Forward Button

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Hola Everyone,


I was wondering if there are plans to have an Encrypt button by the Do not forward button in the Outlook ribbon. Right now I only see it as an RMS template but is there a way to make it a button with AIP? Can anyone provide some insights?


Thank you.

Maria Y.

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Hello@MariaYacaman . Can I ask which version you have of Office? In the newer Office versions you have all options under the Encrypt button. That means Do Not Forward and Encrypt-Only is there along with your RMS templates. The Encrypt button can be moved to where you want it, but by default it is under the Options pane.

@Pål Winther Hola Pal, the screenshot you sent is exactly what I need. I do see Encrypt option in the RMS tempplates, but not like in your screenshot.


Do you have documentation on where would I change its location from one place to another?

Thank you for getting back. Maria Y.



@Pål Winther Your post is really helpful. The issue is that although we have Outlook 2016 I am not seeing the button but still the older button called permission. My question is is this automatically rolled out by MS as part of GA or is there a tenant setting to enable the encrypt button instead of the permission one?


Also, we would be interested on the GPO update details for this. We would like for them to be in the main tab of a new email for all of our users. Looking forward to that post if you do it ;) 


Thank you.

Maria Y.

I was hoping no one else would ask for the GPO post @MariaYacaman :D That will require me to set up a new AD, and things to get the screenshots needed. But I will see what I can do. When it comes to client, I think there are people here who can answer a lot better than me. I have Office 365, and get the newest versions all the time.