Enable image facial recognition on all images for use in GDPR Data Subject Requests

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I would like to see this functionality implemented. Especially schools that I work with have issues categorizing correctly all images they have in different Microsoft 365 locations. If you get a GDPR Data Subject Request, it would also mean having to find and report/delete all images with a particular persons face on it (if it is identifiable as a portrait that is, and not as a common image of larger groups of people of course to make things harder).


You already train images in Microsoft Photo app, and with the Facial API in Azure, the technology should be ready for this. Creating an app in SharePoint/Teams to do this would however not be a good match, since image files could reside in every odd location of Microsoft 365 and/or on premise locations. This would be a much better fit for the Security and Compliance area building on the current GDPR experience.

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Perhaps you could use a communication compliance policy with "Images" but would probably need trainable classifiers depending on the use case.

Not sure how this would be helpful - you need to be able to search for all images where "Jane Doe" appears in portrait when the DSR comes through. A communication policy would happen when you exchange the images