eDiscovery of Teams group chat?

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We had a user use the new feature of deleting chats in Teams and I am trying to recover. I can see in audit log they were deleted. When I run an eDiscovery and choose Type of Instant messages I only see 1-1 Teams chat and no group chats. I am doing something wrong, but not sure what. Any suggestions?

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You need to use ”Threaded Teams content” with eDiscovery Premium (Advanced). You can search the docs for more information.
Thanks for the reply. I attempted to search:
There are no results for ”Threaded Teams content” site:microsoft.com
Can you please point me to docs that contain this?

@Brian Hoyt ”There's also a special kind of review set that you can add data to, called a conversation review set. These types of reviews sets provide conversation reconstruction capabilities to reconstruct, review, and export threaded conversations like those in Microsoft Teams. For more information, see Review conversations in eDiscovery (Premium).”