eDiscovery case with only export of results




I have a special request about the roles in SCC. We want our helpdesk user to be able to access a pre-defined eDiscovery case. The only permission they need is to export the results of the searches in this case. But they are not allowed to preview the result of the search.

I've used several roles and combination of roles, but I'm not able to assign the right permissions to these users. Is there a possibility to do this?


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I dont think you can. While the SCC permissions model is RBAC based, there's still a lof of functionality missing in comparisson to the Exchange RBAC model and we cannot get such granular permissions. Even if it was comparable, the only way to export data is via additional tools, not directly linked to cmdlets.



thanks for your answer. I was afraid that this was the case. We'll try to do a combination of a specific role and audit logging.