eDiscovery and Distribution Lists

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I understand that you can add a distribution list to a hold, in addition to named individuals. 

Could someone explain how a Hold behaves when it includes a distribution list, and there are changes to the membership of that distribution list.  


What happens when a member is:

  1. Removed from the list?
    1. Historical data
    2. Data created from then on
  2. Added to the list?
    1. Data from prior to them being added
    2. Data from after they were added

I'm assuming that if a user is both a named user, and a member of a distribution list that is included in a hold, that the named user will always override anything that occurs with the distribution list.  Is this true?


Any additional information on this functionality would be greatly appreciated!


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It simply expands the *current* membership of the list, nothing else.

Thank You @Vasil Michev


Just to confirm my complete understanding.

It a single point-in-time way to add named users to the Hold list without having to add them individually.  It never updates or changes, just expands to show the Users.

Yup, it's simply used as a "shortcut" to add multiple users. If new users are added to or removed from the DG, this will not affect the existing holds. Unless you rerun the process.