Duplicate Sensitivity Label Headers and Footers showing in Outlook emails

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I have a a strange issue where recipients are receiving duplicate Sensitivity Label headers and footers from our policy.

For example, we have an unofficial label that stamps the header and footer as 'Unofficial'. Everytime it is received by a receipient it shows 4 times, 2 on the top as the header and 2 on the bottom.  Looking in activity explorer I can see the email I sent listed three times. Label.png

 Any ideas how this could be happenning?





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Hi @Ian Clarke, are you able to share your policies it looks like the label gets applied through Exchange and from the endpoint. There might be some duplicate settings that cause the label to be applied twice. Grtz, Ruud

We have a similar issue (label only applies a footer but it's applied twice) but only when mail is sent from either Outlook on the web or Outlook for Android/iOS. It does not happen when sending mail from Outlook on Windows app (SAC Preview channel version 2208 build 15601.20456).

We have the same issue. From testing it looks like the labeling on the footer is being applied with every reply of the email. For example I send a email to myself with "Company Confidential" label.
The following footer is applied.

Sensitivity : Company Confidential

But with each reply the labels are added again.

Sensitivity : Company Confidential

Sensitivity : Company Confidential

Sensitivity : Company Confidential

Anyone with a clue why it appear to be incapable of knowing the labels already been applied?

In addition to the comments below about multiple sources adding footers, is there an exclusion added in the mail flow rule for emails that are already tagged?


"Except if: To add an exception that prevents multiple disclaimers from being added in an email conversation, configure the following settings:

Select The subject or body and Subject or body matches these text patterns.
In the Specify words or phrases flyout that opens, enter the words or phrases in the disclaimer, click Add, and then click Save."
Hi Kevin,
same issue here and I was wondering if I've overseen any setting during the configuraton of the sensivity label but unfortunately I couldn't find any setting to avoid applying the footer within an organization.
However, did you find any solution?
We use a 3rd party signature tool. I believe it is due to this tool and the configuration of the transport rule in use. I am looking into this with the vendor.

That sounds great @teomonda, thank you for the information. Let's keep fingers crossed, that the feature will be soon in GA.