Don't Delete! Mark it as Junk instead

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One common mistake among most users and even IT administrators is they are deleting Spam and Malicious messages from their Inbox (those messages that bypass Anti-Spam). Deleting message just delete it and won't help anyone else. But you should mark it as Junk instead.


Doing so , not only place the message into spam folder but it also notify the Anti-Spam engine that there was a message which classified incorrectly and if the same message send to other people, it will be blocked.



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I forward the message 'as an attachment' to and/or The email item will be sent to the Microsoft mail security team for further analysis and investigation to help to improve the effectiveness of our email filtering technologies.


Here's How:                      

Then mark as junk and delete the message

Thank you for sharing this.


It is also a wise stratgey, mark as Junk also have the similar mechanism and it is easier for most users. Your method is also a good way especially if you see spam in another email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Company mail,etc.) and you want to share it with Microsoft.