Does reporting an e-mail as phishing (in Microsoft 365 Defender) move it into the Junk Folder?

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When I as an admin report an e-mail as Phishing from the Explorer in Microsoft 365 Defender, does the e-mail also get moved to the Junk of the respective mailbox, or do I have to do that as well?


Example: a phishing e-mail is received by 10 users. I search for this mail in the Explorer and Report it as Phishing. Is this enough, or do I have to do the "Move the junk folder" action on the same messages?

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when you reported a message as phishing-email it will create a submission with the below alert description

An administrator in your organization requested to move email messages to the Junk folder. Message query: ((Key:bd50698d-3d0d-42dd-93db-08db93584875-28636049904-1)) AND (ContentType:1)

and once the investigation is completed you see that the email was moved to the junk folder

Got it, so the messages are moved once the investigation is completed. If I want to be quicker I should move them myself, in order to prevent potential damage, in case a user clicks on a link.
Correct it will automatically move. you can take the action move the junk instead of reporting it as phishing


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