Does GDPR Affect Me?


If you have employees, customers, or business partners in the European Union (EU), then your organization will probably be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect May 2018. GDPR is intended the strengthen data protection for all individuals within the EU.


On the latest episode of Modern Workplace, Microsoft's Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch and Privacy and GDPR Expert Karen Lawrence Oqvist, discuss how to best prepare for compliance with GDPR, including: 

  • What actions you can take now to get started
  • Whether personal data is part of your organizational's core product offering
  • Who should lead GDPR within a company, including how it depends on whether personal data is a part of an organization's core product offering
  • How compliance with GDPR differs whether your data is on-premises vs. in the cloud

You'll also see a hands-on demo of Microsoft features that can help you support your GDPR efforts. Click here and watch now!




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