Does Enable audit Data Recording includes data from Enable mailbox auditing for all users

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Hi all,

Its seems difficult to clarify if "Enable audit Data Recording" includes data from "Enable mailbox auditing for all users". Do I then need to enable "Enable mailbox auditing for all users"?




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Those are two separate processes, if you want to audit mailbox level events you do need to enable auditing on each individual mailbox.

Thanks, I gathered that would be the case.


Trying to explain to our clients --- Enable audit Data Recording does not include mailbox auditing is difficult when Audit data Recording states the below. 


You should enable audit data recording for your Office 365 service to ensure that you have a record of every user and administrator's interaction with the service, including Azure AD, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business. This data will make it possible to investigate and scope a security breach, should it ever occur.

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