Does anyone know where to find Microsoft Threatfinder?

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At the Ignite 2017 Anatomy of an Attack session with @Brandon Koeller and Caroline Shin, I think they mentioned a new Microsoft security "attack yourself" tool called Threatfinder, and I put in my notes that they said it was out now (e.g. back in September). But I can't find any mention of it other than in my notes on this session - Is it really out, have I got the name right, and if so, where can I find it? Thanks!


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Hi Bob,


The attack tools will be part of our Threat Intelligence (TI) solution.  There were sessions at Ignite on TI that included more info on these tools which we will formally call Attack Simulator.  For Threat Finder we will talk more about that in the future and where these features will show up.

Thanks Anthony, much appreciated. I had somehow got the impression that this was coming to the S&C console imminently. Will be watching keenly to find out when this launches and if it is within our licence.