Do not forward option of sensitivity label in Outlook Desktop App

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Hi everyone,

My Outlook’s version and build are 2212 and 15928.20216, respectively.



I have already set up the Sensitivity Labels in Information Protection of Purview with the following brief description:

  • Public – no encryption
  • Internal – encryption is enabled; assign permission now  
  • Restricted, Confidential, and Confidential (Personal Data) – encryption is enabled; let user assign permissions

My issue is once I selected either restricted or any of the confidential labels and then unselect it, the Do Not Forward message will appear.



There are 2 ways to clear this message:

  1. Selecting and unselecting the Internal label.
  2. Manually clear the Do Not Forward from Encrypt of the Options menu.



This will be a problem by the time we’ll going to roll this out to users. They might be sending encrypted email messages accidentally or sending encrypted emails with Public sensitivity label.  

 Please note that selecting and unselecting the Public label will not clear the Do not Forward message.

I hope somebody will be able to help me resolve this issue.

Thank you so much.

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Hi, so if I have understood this correctly, you do not wish the do no forward option to display on labels which allow the users to choose the label permission?


If that is correct, then you can choose the option to encrypt only from within the label in Microsoft Purview.


Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 10.51.15.png



Hi Peter,


The problem is within Outlook Desktop App. Please see my scenario below.


The settings for the sensitivity labels are:






When I create a new email with Public label, it displays only the Public description.


If I change the label to Confidential, it displays the Confidential description.


If I change it back to Public, the Do Not Forward will be added.



In order to remove this, I need to open the Options menu for the Encrypt and clear the Do Not Forward option.



This reverts back to what should be the right description for the Public sensitivity label.  


Is there a way to automatically clear the Do Not Forward if a user accidentally selects the Confidential label and then suddenly changes his/her mind and selects the Public label instead?






Hmm, I have tested this myself duplicating your settings and I cannot reproduce the problem.


Have you deployed your labels into production yet?  If not, I may suggest deleting and recreating them.


Also, have you checked this behaviour on more than one device?

Hi Peter,

Yes, I have already tried recreating these labels and checked in a few devices but with the same result.

Best regards,




I had the same problem in a few of my Purview implementations and the solution I saw was to install the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client, the e-mail encryption was correctly removed.


Download Microsoft Azure Information Protection from Official Microsoft Download Center